Boys Who Like to Play With Dolls

Boys who Like to Play with Dolls
Image: Antonin Matejovsky

Boys Who Like to Play With Dolls

Tereza Ondrová and Peter Šavel, ALT@RT | UK PREMIERE

12 – 22 Aug
13.00 | 40 mins | 14+
£10 (£8 conc)

Welcome to a fantasy world in which masculinity and femininity are unrelated to male and female physical forms. Two distinctive, compelling European dancers, Ondrová and Šavel, morph from one body to another, attacking the conventions, norms and clichés of gender. Movement and dance become an expression of the contrast between the identity of body and soul, and between genetic givens and social prejudices, attempting to challenge the various social stereotypes and explore the theme of gender in a language of pure physicality.

European Top 20 Priority Companies 2014 selected by Aerowaves.



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