Salon Mika


1 - 24 August | 21.00 | 60 mins | 16+
£10 (£8)

The award-winning cabaret king returns for his ninth Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Burlesque-Haka and tribal erotica mingle amidst electronic beats. Salon Mika, that rare place where all forms of life, love, lust, and loss are embraced, with stories spoken from the dark side. Sexual passions collide with human failings in fleeting moments that are 'hard yet soft, gently yet rough'. Mika, your ringmaster, guides you through musical vignettes, eye-catching noir gems of dubious lustre and deceptive motifs. Come see something beautifully raw. Dress to express! 
'Salon Mika, the sexiest thing I've experienced with my clothes on'

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council