Cut Tuk Show / Wonders of the Universe

Cut Tuk

Naturalis Labor & Martina Cortelazzo  / Karol Cysewski
1 - 17 August | 14.00 | 45 mins | PG | £10 (£8)

Close-up encounters of the silly kind. Take one award-winning Italian chef in a bikini, then add an adventure into the entire universe with three nice Welsh boys while listening to über-geek Professor Brian Cox's dulcet tones… Martina the chef in The Cut Tuk Show cooks up a delicious little something live onstage... is she cooking or dancing? Wonders of the Universe is a hilariously surreal mash-up inspired by the documentary. You will ponder about tiny things, human-sized things and things the size of the entire universe!

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council