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Summer 18

Dance Base is delighted to announce a brand new programme of digital dance activities as part of our exciting new project, Feel Like Dancing. For 12 weeks, professional dance artists will present new activities for people to do in their homes, exploring different themes, and helping more people to Feel Like Dancing together every day.  

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Each week we are releasing one new activity video on this page and our Facebook page


Week 12: Wiggly Worm Obstacle Course

Join Niamh as she takes you on an obstacle course around your house, showing you how to wiggle like a worm and fly like a bird.

Perfect for ages 3+ and their grown ups.


Week 11: Dancing Shoes

It's time to look out your favourite shoes, and join Christina as you make up a dance for them! Trainers? Wellies? Sandals? Bring as many as you like!

Perfect for ages 3-8 and their grown ups.


Week 10: Bear Hunt

Join Hayley on an exciting adventure through rivers, forests, caves and more. This dance and storytelling video is based on Michael Rosen's classic story "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". What will you find?

Suitable for ages 2-6 and their grown ups.


Week 9: Rock around the house: a dance path

Join Niamh as she helps you to create your own dance path around your home or garden. How many of your favourite moves can you do around your home? Make sure everyone at home is playing along too!

Suitable for ages 5+ and their grown ups, indoors or outdoors!


Week 8: A Fantastical Show!

Roll up! Roll up! It's time to create a fantastical show in your living room, full of clowns, acrobats, magicians, and dancers. Join Christina as she shows you how to make your very own performance... All you need now is an audience!

This activity is perfect for ages 5-8 years, and their grown ups.


Week 7: The Human Maze

Get ready to explore making shapes with the people (and toys) in your home. Can you go over, under, or around someone else's shapes? Join Hayley and Bear for this week's maze adventure, perfect for ages 3-8 and their grown ups (and bears).


Week 6: Cloud Dancing

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a cloud? Join Niamh as she explores the different shapes and movements of the clouds and the rain.

Perfect for ages 3+ and their grown ups.

Week 5: The Five Senses

Join us for a journey through the senses. Look, listen, smell, touch, and taste your way through this fun activity video with Christina. We have lots of different games to play and dances to do together.


Week 4: The Floor Maze

This week, Hayley takes you on another adventure exploring shapes and journeys through space. Get ready to follow circles, zigzags, and straight lines in as many different ways as you can!

Suitable for playtime outdoors or indoors, this video is perfect for ages 2-5 and their grown ups to do together.

Week 3: Song of the Trees

This week, we join Niamh for some dancing with, and inspired by, our favourite trees! Why not take these ideas out into the garden or a forest, or even use your imaginations in your own living room?

Perfect for ages 3+ and their grown ups.



Week 2: Tea Party

This week, you are cordially invited to Christina's Tea Party! Join us for a short craft session where you will make your own mad hatter's hat, before having a dance at the tea party.

For the crafts, you will need:
Card, paper, scissors, sticky tape, something round (like a bowl), colouring pens/ pencils, and hair pins.

Don't worry if you don't have these things! You can create your own fabulous party hats out of whatever you have available. Why not create your own tea party and invite your favourite toys too? Once you've got your hats ready, join Christina at 00:17:20 in the video to get dancing!

Perfect for ages 6-9 and their grown ups.



Week 1: Maze

For budding explorers and adventurers, join Hayley as you make and explore your own maze. Perfect for 3-8 year olds and their adults to do together at home, this activity can be easily adapted for all spaces. Make sure children are supervised at all times, you don’t want to lose them in the maze!

We’d love to see and hear about all of the wonderful dancing you’ve been doing at home. Get in touch with us at dance@dancebase.co.uk , on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to share your pictures, videos, and stories of you dancing together.
Feel Like Dancing is supported by the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund.

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