Meet the Associate Artists: Farah Saleh

Meet the Associate Artists: Farah Saleh

Farah Saleh is one of our Associate Artists at Dance Base and is a Palestinian dancer and choreographer, active in Scotland, Europe, Palestine and the US.

She has studied linguistic and cultural mediation in Italy and is trained in contemporary dance. She has worked with companies such as Candoco Dance Company (UK), Sareyyet Ramallah Dance Company (Palestine) and Royal Flemish Theatre and Les Ballets C de la B (Belgium).

Since 2010, Farah has also been teaching dance, alongside coordinating and curating artistic projects. She is interested in using the body as a means to social and political change.

1. How does being an Associate Artist at Dance Base benefit you?
It gives me more time to concentrate on my daily artistic practice, especially during the artistic residencies. It also gives my work more visibility in Scotland, where I moved recently, and allows me to network with other artists.

2. What area are you currently rooted in, or working towards?
Gestures, archives and politics.

3. Are you currently working on a body of work, or research project?
Yes, I am currently working on two projects 'Gesturing Refugees' which is an interactive performance, and 'Brexit means Brexit!' which is a duet.

Brexit means Brexit! was performed during my residency, as part of the current professional programme at Dance Base. I worked with Professor Victoria Tischler and dancers Roberto Hesp and Tanja Erhart, to investigate the collective mental health of residents in the UK after Brexit.

4. What themes do you explore in your practice?
The body as a living archive of instances, of protest and injustice, and how by making this archive accessible to the public, artists can contribute to social and political change.

5. Where do you draw inspiration from?

6. What’s your favourite project that you’ve worked on, or been a part of?
My favourite projects are always the ones I am currently busy with.

7. What was the last performance that moved or inspired you?
Lear by John Scott Dance (Ireland), that was performed over Dance Base Festival 2017, and Foreign Radical by Theatre Conspiracy (Canada).

8. What are you currently listening to?
Nursery rhymes (I have a 15 months old baby!)

9. Describe your practice in 5 words:
Searching for latent living archives.

10. Do you have any upcoming events / work that you’re involved with?
I do, and I'm happy to be involved with the following:

  • Teaching Great Feats group at Dance Base Feb/March 2018
  • Residency and premier of 'Brexit means Brexit!' in London end of March 2018
  • Teaching a workshop online around 'Gesturing Refugees' to dance students at Middlebury College in the US March/April 2018

Read more about our Associate Artist programme, and find out about Farah and her work, by visiting her website here: 

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