Meet Nadia Sewnauth, our Hip-Hop Dance Artist Trainee!

Meet Nadia Sewnauth, our Hip-Hop Dance Artist Trainee!
Dance Base are pleased to announce that Nadia Sewnauth has been selected as the Dance Base Hip-Hop Dance Artist Trainee and will be joining us for a 6 month traineeship from May to October 2022, thanks to funding support from our partners MGC Futures!
Nadia is a hip-hop dance artist based in the West of Scotland and the Bursary from MGC Futures will enable her to undertake a 6 month traineeship with Dance Base to develop her skills. During the traineeship she will be mentored by Artistic Director Tony Mills and supported by Head of Professional Programme Kirsty Somerville and use the time to:
    • Gain further insight to the creative process of performance and theatre work and spend days embedded within the company’s operations.
    • Build upon her skills in popping, locking and waacking dance and stimulate inspiration for her future work by attending Dancebase Festival, Breakin' Convention and Summer Dance Forever.
    • Broaden her connections in the UK Hip-Hop Dance scene and raise her profile by attending events and initiating conversations.
    • Becoming a member of the Dance Base Artist’s Advisory Group for 2022/23.
    • Research and development for her initial piece of work entitled “My Maw is a Robot” during 2 residencies at Dance Case.
Nadia started dancing from a young age in a musical household, watching Michael Jackson & James Brown, but in the last 15 years has trained across Hip-Hop dance styles including locking, popping, waacking, Bboy/girl, voguing, dancehall and krump.  She has learned from Pioneers such as The Electric Boogaloos (USA) and is a member of Dimestop, which is a Scottish Popping Collective formed by Tesko in 2013. She has taken part in various dance battles including reaching the popping semi-finals at Break Mission in 2016. Her main aim is bringing funkstyles to the local community in a raw & preserved format. She has been sharing her practice and knowledge to young people for the last 8 years at her dance school Funk Forever based in Dumbarton. She aims to bring her performances to a wider audience by taking influence from her own life, her recent experiences of parenthood and broader issues facing women and/or mothers in society.

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About the MGC Futures Bursaries:

The bursaries programme was launched in 2016 for arts practitioners who show a commitment to their chosen career and look to progress to the next stage of their development.  

This year’s recipients are: Isabel Adomakoh Young, Shankho Chaudhuri, Aran Cherkez, Sarah Golding, Matthew Harvey, Jennifer Jackson, Somebody Jones, Max Lindsay, Alice Rush, Sundeep Saini, Mark Smith, Sam Stuart and Clarissa Widya. This year’s bursaries also include new partnerships offering Kashish Gaba - the London Performance Studios Cultural Entrepreneur Bursary, Nadia Sewnauth – Dance Base Hip-Hop Dance Artist Traineeship, Anushiye Yarnell – South House Creative Development Residency; as well as Bethany Cooper, the Nicole Kidman Bursary, and Lauren Martin and Claire Powell, Stephanie Arditti Bursaries.  

Michael Grandage said, As we continue to emerge from one of the most challenging periods in our history, the theatre industry is back focusing people’s minds and helping us look to the future with hope. The recipients of this year’s MGCfutures bursaries are at the forefront of that debate, offering imagination, intellect and talent. I’m delighted we are able to award so many individuals the opportunity to hone their craft and develop their career as part of our ongoing bursary scheme which is now in its sixth year. 

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