Wallflower - Quarantine - Dance North

Wallflower - Quarantine - Dance North

Wallflower - Quarantine

The people on stage in Wallflower are trying to remember every dance they’ve ever danced. Some are professional dancers, and some are not. 

There are memories of dancing alone at an all night party; of whirling across the stage at the Paris Opera Ballet; of slowly revolving with a new lover on a canal boat at night; of a repeated tic - a bodily habit that feels like dancing; of dizzily spinning children; of hitting the mark for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker… 

Wallflower is a 12 hour dance marathon. A game that alters according to the players. Spanning a lifetime of music, fashion, politics, friendships, parties, love and loss, it’s a show about how dancing shapes our lives. 


Dates: Friday 22 March 2019, 12 midday - 12 midnight*


Location : Universal Hall, Findhorn, Moray


Price: £12 (£10 concessions)


* Audience members are free to come and go throughout the duration of the event.


For more information visit : www.dancenorth.scot

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