Valda Setterfield wins Herald Angel Award

Lear Valda

Saturday 26 August 2017

Valda Setterfield has won the Herald Angel Award for her outstanding performance in Lear by John Scott Dance today. The award was presented by Keith Bruce, Arts Editor at The Herald, at the Herald Angel Award ceremony held at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, and was accepted by the artist this morning.

It has been a great honour to have Setterfield perform at #DBFest17 (22-27 August) and, as a venue, we are extremely pleased to see her virtuosity acknowledged by the award and send our congratulations to her and her team and supporters, including Culture Ireland.

John Scott’s LEAR is a deeply personal and riveting interpretation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. New York dance legend Valda Setterfield, 83, portrays King Lear. Setterfield has worked with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Woody Allen, David Gordon Pick Up Company and as a soloist for Merce Cunningham. She gives a profoundly moving performance that explores the unraveling of a universe, parental love, fear of death, personal transformation and enlightenment.

Toppling the hierarchy, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia are portrayed by three outstanding male dancers: Mufutau Yusuf, Ryan O’Neill and Kevin Coquelard.

John Scott Dance was founded in Dublin in 1991. The ensemble mixes virtuoso Irish and international dancers with African and Middle Eastern refugees and torture survivors. John Scott’s work is witty, theatrical with startling imagery and addresses ideas of diversity, love, metaphysics.

Receiving five star reviews, with several sold-out shows, as well as the Herald Angel Award shows the exceptional achievement of the production and Setterfield's and her colleagues' performance at this year’s Dance Base Festival and we are grateful to Valda Setterfield, the John Scott dance company and their team for bringing their show to our venue.

For tickets for the final performances of Lear, click here.

Top image: Amy Sinead Photography


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