Sonic Seance

Sonic Seance

image: Eoin Carey


16th May 2019

Created and performed by Patricia Panther, Letitia Pleiades, Ashanti Harris and Mele Broomes (Take Me Somewhere Constellation artist).

This is an invitation to the séance. A vent of desperation, a call for empowerment from the ancestors. This is our language to describe our experiences; we stand together, we lose ourselves in musical rapture.

Looking at the past, present and future, subverting elements used to shape and manipulate us for the imperialist gaze, Sonic Séance is a passage through the minerals of our earth, ancient symbols, sexual leverage and colonial primitivist fantasies.

Presented by Take Me Somewhere.
Supported by Creative Scotland, The Work Room & Dance Base

ACCESS: BSL Interpreted by Bea Webster-Mockett / Subpacs / all TMS venues are wheelchair accessible


Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council
Living Wage