Rosina Bonsu

Rosina Bonsu, TWR residency December 2017 Credit Brian Hartley

Rosina Bonsu

The staff at Dance Base are deeply saddened by the death of Rosina Bonsu. She was an incredibly important figure in the Scottish dance community and her absence will be felt for a long time. Her passing was announced on her website on Sunday 3 February:

'Rosina’s family and friends are sad to announce her peaceful death this morning.

As many of you know Rosina was undergoing chemotherapy. But in true Ashanti tradition she taught two yoga classes the day before she was admitted to hospital.

In her last few days, she ‘choreographed’ from her hospital bed – telling stories, sharing memories, and laughing.

To celebrate Rosina’s life, there will be a small family gathering and a massive dance celebration. Details will be posted soon.'

Morag Deyes, Dance Base artistic director, wrote of Rosina:

'This sadness will be felt by many of the Scottish dance community of a particular generation – and we will all have our own memories, personal and immediate.

I say immediate because that’s always how Rosina will stay with me – as an immediate, focused, dynamic, direct and powerful soul. Literally every time I met her was refreshing and bracing in terms of honesty and commitment to any and all moments we shared. Our first encounter was when she was in the vanguard of making dance happen in Glasgow in the mid-90s, and you can see more about that by reading Anita Clark’s heartfelt tribute (see the link below). The last time I saw her dance was in Alan’s Greig’s commission for the Edinburgh Mela. It was a wonderful performance, called Goddess, and truly she held the space like a goddess.

That’s how I am choosing to remember her at this time.'

Anita Clark wrote beautifully about Rosina on The Work Room website and kindly shared the image above, by Brian Hartley.

Our deepest condolences to Rosina's family and friends.




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