Meet the DEBS: Hyperion Nyx

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Andy, also known as Hyperion Nyx, has always dreamt of being a performer; the stage is the only place that he can truly call home.

Recently he’s taken the leap to become a full time performer and artist, and is passionate about physical theatre. He is also one of this year's DEBS, and you can discover more about his work in our latest blog.

1. What are you most excited to explore as a recipient of the Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme (DEBS)?
I would say the connections and networking in the dancing and performing community, and also the importance of exposing yourself to different types of art/dance/performance to enrich your own vocabulary.

2. What’s your favourite project that you were involved or performed in?
Recently I had the chance to produce my own multi-art experience night called Serendipity Extravaganza. It was really incredible to witness how art and creativity can move people and leave a mark.

3. What are you currently exploring in your work or research?
I am constantly trying to strengthen my work towards social and political statements, that reflect the need of society. I’m currently trying to find a medium or a way to convey a message, in order to stimulate audience's way of thinking about a process.

4. Are you currently working towards a specific body of work?
I’m fascinated by the idea of energy and movement, static and dynamism.
I'm also interested in the innovation of performance art, so I’m trying to find a way to incorporate that into my work.

5. How would you describe your practice in 5 words?
Visual, Daring, Vulnerable, Raw and Relatable

6. Do you explore themes within your work?
I would say 85% of the time I do – I don’t feel as satisfied when I do something just for the sake of entertainment. I believe that anything creative should be a way to elevate humanity, otherwise what’s the point in having a creative brain?

7. Where do you draw inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from life. Anything that you experience, witness or perceive tells a story, and so it's about translating such stories to the world.

8. What are you currently listening to?
I’m one of those weirdos that keeps listening to the same songs over and over. I would say that Nina Simone is always top of my playlist however.

9. What was the last performance that moved or inspired you?
It's been a while since something actually moved me, but there’s plenty on the web that impacted me. I would say the last very 2 things were a movie called Crosswinds all done with tableau vivant, and also a Russian performance called Echad Mi Yodea by Ohad Naharin, performed by Batsheva - the Young Ensemble.

10. Do you have any upcoming events / work that you’re involved with?
I’m currently working on my solo show called Dis-connected that explores the idea of emotional walls that we build around our identities. I am also involved in making and choreographing the visuals of an awarded play that will hit the stage later on this year, but I can’t reveal too much about it yet. Ask me in a few months.

Read more about DEBS here, and find out about Andy's work here:

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