Meet the Artists: Keira Martin, Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble is a rigorous personal investigation into womanhood and identity. Through a series of robust episodes drawing on social and cultural influences from Yorkshire, Ireland and Jamaica, Keira rhythmically weaves together traditional music, authentic song and gutsy choreography.

We spoke to Keira, ahead of her performing at Dance Base Festival 17 from 22 – 27 Aug.

1. What was it that inspired your show or performance?
Being a mother and the importance of passing on my heritage and traditions to my son. There are lots of questions that couldn’t be answered that inspired this work, alongside the need I felt to represent working class women.

2. Can you describe your devising process, and how did you find inspiration for creating your work?
Here Comes Trouble is autobiographical, for the most part, so the work came from my childhood memories, my upbringing and my experiences as a woman, both good and bad, which helped to feed the work.

When devising the work I started with episodes that came from emotions, memories and experiences, which then got withered down and thread together with a repetitive structure.

3. What was it that inspired you in becoming a performer, or setting up your company?
I am from a family of musicians and dancers brought up and immersed in Irish culture and folk music, it was almost a way of life – As kids we were always performing and creating dance. I had a group when I was 12 and we used to perform on the street at Folk festivals for digs and free tickets!! I love the stage and sharing human experiences!

4. What has been the biggest challenges in creating your show?
The biggest challenge was the personal nature of the work, having to work through past and present emotions and to not over perform by being too dramatic. I also had to work hard on the timing and pacing, holding the space for 50 minutes!

5. What was it that inspired you in becoming a performer, or setting up your company?
Working with Charlotte Vincent…the emotional roller-coaster!

6. Do you have a routine or pre-show ritual that you have to do before you perform?
I spend around half hour in the blond wig and sing!

7. What is your favourite dance performance you’ve seen, and why?
Oh so many it’s hard to pick one!

8. If you could describe your show in 3 words, what would they be?




9. What are you most looking forward to in bringing your show to the festival?
I’m really excited to be a part of the festival and to reach new audiences and share the Celtic connection!

10. If you’ve visited the festival before, what’s your favourite Edinburgh haunt?
The streets

You can find out more about Here Comes Trouble, and book tickets here.

Tickets can also be booked via the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Box Office on 0131 226 0000.

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