Medicine Dance : Recovering Language of the Body

Medicine Dance : Recovering Language of the Body

Medicine Dance: Recovering Language of the Body

Fred Sugerman

Wed 15th May 2019

UCLAN Media Factory, Preston


Medicine Dance focuses on the power of placing attention on physical sensation. Our biology does not speak in words. It feels. It senses. It responds, continuously, to even the smallest sensations. It takes time to feel. Our time will be devoted to deep listening, sensing and imagining into our bodies, allowing response, when we are ready.

Find ways of creating a space of safety, ease and comfort in movement and the connection to life-at-large. Explore respectful, consensual clear-boundaried ways of supporting another's impulse-inspired movement process, with physical presence/witnessing and mindful touch. Experience the power of silence, stillness and the profoundly restorative act of doing less, or nothing.

Fred Surgerman is a movement artist and educator, and founder of Medicine Dance. An inquiring mind, fierce spirit and curious body informed by mindfulness, traditional theatre and dance. He is co-creator and interventionist for 'Mindful Movement for Breast Cancer Survivors'.

For further information contact:

Laura Broome | Programme Manager | 01772 894298

UCLan Dance | School of JMP

Working days: Tues-Thurs


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