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Does your tot start bouncing to any catchy beat? Or dance like no one is watching?

Encouraging your children to dance is good for their physical, mental and social health. From getting into an exercise routine, to building their self confidence, dance has the ability to transform people's lives and we’re on a mission to encourage everyone to find freedom in movement!

Highlights of our kids drop-in sessions and courses below. Or browse 

Tots and Tummy Time
Open your eyes, tickle your toes, and wriggle your nose! Join us for a class which will support development through sensory play and gentle movement, giving our very youngest dancers and their grown-ups a chance to have fun playing, bonding, and moving together. Also, a great opportunity for caregivers to meet others and enjoy gentle movement for themselves and their little ones.

Pre-school capoeira ages 3-5
For children aged three to five, our classes focus on developing their balance, aerobic fitness and basic coordination using balls, hoops and other props, as well as Capoeira movement work. The emphasis is on learning through play and movement and less on getting Capoeira moves “right”, as the class focuses more on getting the children moving and interacting. We begin to teach the music of Capoeira: learning the name of instruments, how to play a simple rhythm, and sing a short song. We'll develop patience, turn taking and working in pairs and groups.

Dance n Play
Working together with your child, you will stomp, jump, wriggle and giggle together, helping young dancers to develop important skills such as balance, coordination and confidence in a creative and imaginative way. Using songs, movement and play, children will be encouraged to move freely and expressively.

Mini & Junior Dance Academy
A creative introduction to a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz. Learning basic technical exercises and short routines will allow the young dancers to explore their creativity whilst developing their confidence, performance skills and musicality. Suitable for ages: Mini Dance Academy is suitable for P1-3 and Junior Dance Academy is P4-6.

Contemporary P7+
Learn a blend of Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Lyrical dance, our sessions will introduce young dancers to basic Contemporary dance techniques to improve strength, flexibility, rhythm and momentum. They will learn centre exercises, travelling sequences, choreography and performance skills, you can explore your own creative voice and develop your very own personal dance style.

Aerial ages 8-10
Hang, climb, swing and fly your way through aerial skills! Using aerial kit such as silks, hoop and trapeze, our class will help you learn and explore aerial dance techniques working towards developing sequences, tricks and choreography linking the air to the floor.

Jazz P3-4
We’ll show you a whole new world, sharing knowledge of Jazz dance by learning lots of fun routines of different styles including funky, musicals and lyrical inspired routines. We’ll give you your own unique space to shine with some improv time and musical interpretation.

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