Janis Claxton: 1964 – 2018

Janis Claxton:1964 – 2018

We were all shocked and deeply saddened by the death of Janis Claxton.

We took a long moment.

Anyone reading this is likely to have already seen all the tributes from across the world, all of which mirror our respect and admiration for such a fabulous woman and her choreographic artistry.

Everyone grieves and remembers in different ways though – and if I might be personal for a moment… what will stay with me is the energy of Janis. Her complete and absolute focus and drive that made her work and her classes so extraordinary. My first full and fabulous encounter with her was a road trip to the Highlands, when we basically invaded the dance department of a very posh school, took the teacher there out on the randan, and congratulated ourselves on infiltrating the artist-ocracy’s idea of what dance could be. Away from the personal and back into the community of Scottish dancers, I feel sure I was not alone in finding Janis hilarious, dynamic and wicked company – I know that we will all find ways to have memorials, both personal and public. Please do watch our website for updates and news of the many ways that will be created to say goodbye and to honour this outstandingly talented woman.

I think the last word should go to Janis. Those friends who were with her during these last weeks will understand:


Morag Deyes
Artistic Director

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