How We Handle Things

How We Handle Things

How we handle Things.

Mark Bleakley

Sunday 14th April.

Performance + Discussion

Rhubaba will host a sharing of a new work in development by artist and choreographer Mark Bleakley.

How we handle Things is a performance installation exploring the shifting relationships we build and share with bodies, objects, memories and touch in contemporary life. Over the course of three hours, the three performers will build a landscape of flesh and plastic that is simultaneously revered and disposed of. This performance opens up questions around the inter-relations between objects and our bodies, value structures and how memory is displaced into Things.

The performance will run in cycles (approx 40mins) and the audience will be invited at points to explore the space and engage in the forming of the sculptures.

After the performance, there will be an informal discussion with guest artists Robbie Synge and Florence Peake. This conversation will explore each artists’ relationship with sculptural practices and the performing body.

Event structure

12pm to 3pm
- Performance installation.

3.30pm to 4.30pm
- Discussion from with guest artists Robbie Synge and
Florence Peake.

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