Freelance Task Force – Meet Our Supported Artist!


Dance Base has joined over 100 theatre and dance organisations from across the country to support the freelancers who make up a large and vital part of the ecology of the performance sector. As part of this action we are supporting a Scotland-based freelance dance artist to join a UK-wide Freelance Task Force.

The aim of the Freelance Task Force is to strengthen the influence of the self-employed dance, theatre and performance community. It will create ongoing points of connection between freelancers, organisations, funders and government and amplify the voice of the self-employed in the conversations to come about how we manage the response to and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis in the performing arts sector. 

It is up to the Freelance Task Force to establish its own structure as to how it fulfills these aims but it is hoped that they will work together to:

  • co-ordinate wider conversations with freelancers in their area and/or specialism
  • hold and participate in regular Freelance Task Force meetings
  • attend meetings and events on behalf of the Freelance Task Force
  • lobby on behalf of the wider freelance community
  • ensure that information is widely distributed

We are delighted to announce that Dance Base are supporting Aaron Jeffrey to join the Freelance Task Force. Aaron is a freelance Dance and Physical Performance artist, Teacher-Facilitator, Choreographer and founder of Flesh Cllective. Throughout his career he has worked with many Scottish organisations including Neu Reekie, Oceanallover, Imaginate and Scottish Dance Theatre, and with a range of Scottish dance artists and choreographers.

The Freelance Task Force are not expected to represent or speak on behalf of their supporting organisation, rather they will operate at arm’s length, responsible to the self-employed community that they are part of. You can contact Aaraon directly at to provide comments, thoughts and feedback that you would like to be passed on to the wider group.

The role was allocated through a random lottery selection which was conducted by a member of the Dance Base team and recorded for transparency.


Photo credit: Olivia Hope Roberts

If you have any questions about the Freelance Task Force please contact Kirsty Somerville, Programmes Manager, on

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