DIG | V/DA (SCT) | Grin

DIG | V/DA (SCT) | Grin

DIG | V/DA (SCT) | Grin

11th & 12th Oct | 8pm

Grin is a contemporary performance of sound, visuals and choreography subverting hyper-sexualised notions of African and Caribbean dances. A masquerade of sculptures where body, costume and lighting unite, embedded in a pulsating soundscore. Grin is a thematic autobiographical story with no words.
Grin was originally developed as solo and was presented as a work-in-progess at Buzz Cut Double Thrills (Glasgow), OFFTA/La Serre (Montreal) then as a trio in 2017 at Tramway. This year, for DIG 2019, Grin features artists and choreographers Divine Tasinda and Levent Nyembo. They will work in collaboration to physically explore their voices through a redevised duet directed and choreographed by Mele Broomes. 

Recommended for ages 12+ 
Wheel Chair accessible

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Collaborative Team
Director and Choreographer: Mele Broomes

Dancers and Collaborators: Levent Nyembo & Divine Amy Tasinda

Music Composer: Patricia Panther Selected Track from Album: SPAZA by Mushroom Hour Half Hour

Costume Design: Zephyr Liddell Lighting Design: Dav Bernard. Produced by V/DA (Claricia Pariunssa and Mele Broomes)

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council
Living Wage