DIG: Trajal Harrell (US)| Dancer of the Year

DIG: Trajal Harrell (US)| Dancer of the Year

“It’s one thing to be named Dancer of the Year, it’s something entirely different to try and make something of it.”

Trajal Harrell, who came to contemporary dance fame with his Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church Series, ventures into a full-length solo project for the first time in a while. The point of departure is a personal one: Harrell’s selection as ‘Dancer of the Year’ by Tanz magazine in 2018 and the reflection on (self) worth which this triggered. With this project, Harrell focuses attention on (self) representation. He confronts his singularity and aesthetic with the eponymous honorary title and reflects on what he means to dance and what dance means to him. Here, he updates his legacy and what he hopes to leave behind for history not only as a choreographer but as a dancer. 

Choreographed and Performed Trajal Harrell
Costumes and Sound Design Trajal Harrell 
Dramaturg Sara Jansen

Trajal Harrell will deliver a Performance lecture at the CCA on Thu 17 October.


Co- Producers: Kunstenfestival des Arts, Festival d’Automne, Lafayette Anticipation, Impulstanz Festival (Vienna), Bit Theatergarasjen (Bergen), Schauspielhaus Bochum, Museum Ludwig (Cologne) and Dampfzentrale (Bern)

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