DIG: Colette Sadler (UK) I Temporary Store

DIG: Colette Sadler (UK) I Temporary Store

Colette Sadler | TEMPORARY STORE | Wed 9 Oct
Colette Sadler comes to Tramway for one date only to present the UK Premiere of TEMPORARY STORE.

Temporary Store searches for the choreographic interface between virtual and physical reality. 

In a futuristic place of transit that could be anywhere between a pop-up store and a museum, post-human bodies act as vessels for an infinite loop of movement that seems familiar and alien at the same time. The bodies frequently speed up and slow down, robotically replaying life’s ‘best bits’ back and forth through the space. 

There is nothing to buy in the Temporary Store (the trick is in the name) but there is a coin, ´the Obol’ - once laid on ancient Greek tongues to pay the ferryman on the river Styx. We once dreamt of finding the perfect lover, but now why embrace Eros when you can trump Thanatos?

Ages 16+

Choreography – Colette Sadler
Producers – Feral

*There is a double bill ticket available so dance fans can see both Collette and Nora's shows at a discount on Wednesday.* 


Temporary Store is funded by Creative Scotland and Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin. Developed in Co-production with Sophiensaele Berlin (Germany) and Bora Bora Aarhus (Denmark). Studio support from The Work Room (Glasgow).

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