Dance Base Associate Artists announced for 2019/20

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Dance Base is delighted to announce the appointment of three new Associate Artists for an initial period of one year, from 1 April 2019:

Bridie Gane
Katrina McPherson
Aniela Piasecka

The Dance Base Associate Artist programme was launched in April 2017 and offers a bespoke system of support for each selected artist, tailored by Bush Hartshorn, Head of Catalyst Artist Development for Dance Base. The artists selected for the programme in its first iteration were Martyn Garside, Claricia Parinussa, Luke Pell, Farah Saleh, and Robbie Synge. Garside and Synge will conclude their associateships in March 2019, and Parinussa, Pell, and Saleh will continue as Associate Artists alongside the new appointments. As with the continuing Associates, the newly selected artists can potentially adapt the duration of their associateship to a timeline that best suits their individual needs.

Bush Hartshorn, Head of Catalyst Artist Development:
"I am intensely excited about working with these three talented Scottish artists over the next year. I think the diversity of their practice will complement the work of the other Associates and hope that the growth in numbers will further strengthen the work we do with Artist Development here at Dance Base."

Bridie Gane is a choreographer and dance facilitator based in Scotland, creating work with a unique, retro theatricality. She previously spent three years in Berlin, winning the award for 'The Best German Dance solo' at Euro Scene Leipzig in 2013. Her work aims to be accessible, whimsical, quick and sharp with an emphasis on the female protagonist.

Katrina McPherson is an award-winning screendance artist whose creative, scholarly and educational work is at the forefront of the international field. For over 30 years, her research-driven, hybridised arts practice has resulted in films, installations and online works that have been presented widely. Katrina’s most recent collaborative works pose questions of gaze and agency within a body-based screen practice.

Aniela Piasecka is a dance artist with a strong practical anchoring in collaborative and interdisciplinary contemporary artistic contexts. A motivation to question the delineation of artistic practices and our singular understandings of authorship underpins her practice. She hopes to continue to pursue these questions during her time as Associate Artist at Dance Base.

Morag Deyes MBE, Dance Base Artistic Director:
"Our three new Associate Artists embody work that is made to be seen on screen, onstage and in unexpected locations. They bring styles that reignite our fascination with movement of the body and how it affects us in the world right now."

Emma Stewart-Jones, Dance Base Chief Executive:
"Dance Base has a strong commitment to supporting artists and is in a privileged position to offer this unique opportunity for artists based in Scotland. The Associate Artist programme is a long term, intensive programme which is a vital support system for artists to explore and experiment, to make connections, to collaborate and to raise the profile of their work nationally and internationally. I want to thank all the artists that applied and congratulate the selected artists, Aniela Piasecka, Bridie Gane, and Katrina McPherson."

The newly selected Associate Artists will be able to access a range of support, including no-cost studio space, guidance on project management, fundraising assistance, production support, marketing advice, and other development opportunities. A core part of the programme will be intensive mentoring and coaching from Bush Hartshorn. Each support package will be tailored according to the artist’s needs, and the available Dance Base resources. The associateships are focused on practical support and do not include a monetary grant.


Images L to R: Bridie Gane; Katrina McPherson (photo by Colin McPherson); Aniela Piasecka

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