Call for research participants - University College of Osteopathy

Call for research participants - University College of Osteopathy

The study aims to investigate the relationship between pain and interoceptive awareness amongst professional dancers. In simple terms, interoceptive awareness is the subjective experience of inner body sensations. By completing this survey, participants would be contributing their experience to a study which aims to help healthcare practitioners better understand factors that may affect dancers' body awareness and influence their responses to treatment. This project forms part of the researcher’s Master of Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree course at the University College of Osteopathy (UCO).

Please take 10 minutes to complete this survey before 15 November 2019.

Click here to complete the survey.

More information about the study can be found in the Participant Information Sheet which is also displayed on the home page of the online survey. Participants are invited to read it carefully and can choose to take part if interested.

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