Black Lives Matter: Our Commitments

BLM Scottish Mural Trail

**The planned update to these commitments is still pending and was not completed by our proposed deadline of 31/10/20. We are continuing to consult with anti-racism activists. We hope to share an updated timeframe for confirming new commitments soon.**
Updated 04/11/20

Dance Base Scotland published a list of commitments in response to the Black Lives Matter movement on 10 July 2020. We received feedback on those commitments from POC dance artists in our community and we are updating our commitments accordingly. We thank those artists for sharing their thoughts with us in an especially exhausting time for those working in the area of anti-racist activism, and we hope to post revised commitments that better reflect true anti-racism and reflect the work that has already been undertaken by activists like Associate Artist Claricia Parinussa and Saaqib Afzal (D/ecology) in educating staff at Dance Base on allyship in the arts.

Dance Base will publish an amended list of commitments, together with an updated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan on our website by the end of October 2020, and provide information on our performance against agreed actions, including a specific section on anti-racism. The previous version of our Black Lives Matter commitments have been saved unedited for transparency and can be downloaded below.

These are steps on an ongoing journey, and further commitments and specifics will follow. Anti-racism must be a continuing commitment and we expect to be held accountable on these matters. Feedback is welcome, either sent directly to me or sent anonymously to

Jim Hollington
Chief Executive


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