Artistic Director's Blog, November 2019


This is being written on the day that we said goodbye to a largely unacknowledged hero of dance in Scotland. William Mowat-Thomson is probably unknown to some people reading this blog, but the programme and the ethos of Dance Base is a result of his inspired leadership, open mindedness and generosity of spirit. William began the Theatre School of Dance and Drama in the late 60s in the West End of Edinburgh. It was just incredible! He introduced young dancers (I was one of them) to yoga, Graham technique, flamenco, of course ballet and national dances from around the world. As well as sassy musical comedy and what was then called mime. Each style was treated with respect and a genuine love of dance and stagecraft in all its forms. He introduced us to Lindsay Kemp and that wild world of physical theatre being hurled onto the stage at the legendary old Traverse.

So, although you may not have known him, you do know his legacy, as it is deeply a part of the fabric of what makes Dance Base so unique.

This blog is dedicated to dear and dapper William and with his memory vividly in mind – an encouragement to us all to be generous and open with our view of dance, what it can achieve and to maintain a sense of humour and patience. William had shedloads of all of those virtues.


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