Artistic Director's Blog, July 2019

Morag Deyes, Artistic Director

The thing about July is it’s the month before August. ‘Obviously’, you may say but for us it’s like a gigantic month-long Xmas Eve, waiting impatiently to open our festival gifts in August. Yes, I know we are NOT the only game in town so there are other venues too that we are eager to visit as the Edinburgh Fringe festival is all about sharing and still amazingly and gleefully not just about money.

Back to the best dance venue in town though. We have a great selection from all over the globe and many of those from right here in our own back yard. Check it all out here.

I’m writing this having just caught up with all of the Dance Base Associate Artists and what a diverse, interesting and genuine collection of artists they are. I am so happy that we have the capacity to offer them something encouraging or supportive and all under the gimlet eye of Bush Hartshorn.

Find out more from them here.

Two associates are part of a triple bill in this year’s festival programme – yes, we are back there again. I’m rightly obsessed. Check out the all-female bill of Claricia Parinussa, Bridie Gane and Tamsyn Russell at the start of August. Later in the month, Oceanallover dispense their disruptive magic and Alan Greig takes us to visit his selves. Standing by for new works from Curious Seed and Chordelia, future learning from Colette Sadler and the fully present In the Making doing whatever feels right at the time.

As well as itching to get to August, I’m also attending the first ever Lindsay Kemp Prize night in Rome, as a special guest. SO honoured to be representing Dance Base/Scotland there and happy the Italians have got round to this prize in his honour. The criteria for the prize will have to be very open, very eclectic and very camp, if it’s going, in any way, to reflect Lindsay’s style and oeuvre.


So, on we go. Hope to see you in August and at the fabulous summer sessions in July (Check out the link here)


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