Artistic Director's Blog, January 2020

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We begin the new decade with (predictably?) some fresh and welcome newness. This is anticipated as we buckle up to take in the results of the Steve Purcell conversations. For those of you who responded to our All Thoughts Welcome survey, thank you. Steve has already mentioned how generous everyone was.

If you didn’t feel this was the right time to have your thoughts welcomed, I’m here and open with ears, eyes and mind as is Bush, Kirsty, Matt, John – all of us at Dance Base always want to know your thoughts. Take those first names and put on the end of them, and you'll reach us.

In other news, the DEBS are making like mad with Angus McLean Balbernie and assorted invited guests who seem to change all the time, and it’s  so refreshing! Angus is a bracing wonder. Kirsty and I are staring in amazement at our overflowing list for this years Festival and anticipating the results of the Made in Scotland award for 2020. Always hoping there’s a good dance list and that we can host them. That’s why our Fringe programme began – its motivation was always to get Scottish artists a seat on the Fringe chariot!

Also oversubscribed is the residency applications and I really hope we can free up more space this year to accommodate the huge number of applications we get. I’m sure this is true for The Work Room and our pals in Aberdeen and Findhorn.

Then on February 14th, as we all swoon at the many Valentine's bouquets, chocs, tiaras, nut roasts etc we will all receive... there’s the excellent Surf the Wave being held at SDT's HQ in Dundee. If you haven’t signed up then go for it. Should be a rewarding experience.

Here’s a STOP THE PRESS – sadly, the Ullapool Dance Festival scheduled for 12-15 March is NOT going to happen this year. Not sure why as yet but if you need more detail then go to their website for updates here

Hoping this is a glitch only as the North West really needs as much dance attention as possible!

Morag Deyes
Artistic Director

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