Artistic Directors Blog, February 2020


Here we are in the throes of a super active season, having just seen the next evolutionary stage of a great new creation called Thick as Thieves made by Tamsyn Russell and loving the sass of Spilt Milk by Estlin Love and Fiona Oliver-Larkin. We are happily welcoming White & Givan to Dance Base where they will work on Worn but also teach their amazing class, where technical rigour is given full respect.


Then please see the callout for Project X and hey, Skye Reynolds has done it again, finding a fantastic collaborator, this time with iconic writer Jo Clifford. Also, at noon next Friday is the next instalment in Dance Base Associate Artist Katrina McPherson’s solo film project research, growing more fascinating each time more is revealed.


Thanks to Surf the Wave for working with SDT and The Work Room to bring the clans together in Dundee on Friday 14 February.


I want to thank Anita Clark for a beautiful tribute to Rosina Bonsu. Still can’t quite register that loss. Shocking. See more about Rosina here, if you haven’t already.


Some of you might be glad to know we are fully reinstating the residency sharings as negotiable (ie non-compulsory) and will be listing specific dates that we know studio times are available. This is in response to so many artists and so few studio hours being available.


Thanks to everyone who took part in All Thoughts Welcome. I am truly fascinated to hear the results from you, the respondents, via Steve Purcell next week – will these findings launch us into a new way of working? Change is good. Onwards and upwards. And outwards…


Keep an open diary for March as we have the Kiki weekend celebrating Black and Latinx LGBTQ communities who founded the House Ball Culture, then Charlotte Mclean’s AND workshop, plus on the 22nd, the Evolve workshop with DCD. See here for more information. Then, an essential part of training not just professionally but as a human being: Anti-Racism and Allyship in the Arts with Claricia Parinussa, Saaqib Afzal and invited guests on the 9th and 23rd. See what I mean? It’s all happening!


And we have wonderful free classes in March are with Roberta Jean, Daniel Navarro and Associate Artists, Farah Saleh and Aniela Piasecka.


I saw a new flyer in our reception – a movie about Merce? So excited as it also includes never-seen-before archive material. And it’s in 3D! The film is by Alla Kovgan and released on March 13th. Find out more here


In the last Fringe we threw a beautiful unexpected jewel into the mix for a couple of nights in Studio Two with Charlotte Jarvis and Ben Okri. It was truly amazing. Now, oh my how it’s grown and here it is again coming to a very camp venue near you especially if you live in Notting Hill. If you don’t then please tell your London pals. Find out info here


Tilted and lifted now – see you soon



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