Artistic Director's Blog, December 2019

Morag Deyes, Artistic Director


It's not over 'til its over! But make no mistake, it's almost over.

2019 was so full of incident that I would be testing everyone's patience to list the good/bad/adorable/ghastly things that happened. One event that I thought remarkable was this year's DIG programme, inspired programming and so very welcome. Respect now due to LJ and her team at Tramway. We had a ripsnorter of a festival here on the east coast in August with our Italian Unicorn, Chiara Bersani winning the Total Theatre prize for dance, and Curious Seed (Christine Devaney) winning a Herald Angel and that same morning  Pat Kinevane taking home an Archangel for being...Pat Kinevane! Alan Greig celebrated 30 years of bashing the Dance Base boards by giving us his fantastic solo show. Our residencies throughout 2019 were incredible, from stepdance to ballet and everything betwixt and between.

Then just as the year began to fall into Autumn we welcomed our excellent new Fringe producer and professional programme manager Kirsty Somerville. Taking a moment here to acknowledge how awesome Helen McIntosh was over the years and wishing her well as a freelance producer. Our Associate Artists grew and we gave space, time, Catalyst, Bush Hartshorn and the DB love to newbies Bridie Gane, Katrina McPherson and Aniela Piasecka who join Claricia Parinussa, Luke Pell and Farah Saleh. OK I will stop the listing  and think ahead which is usually preferable although as we all know being in the now is the ideal scenario!

Coming up and not listed in the paper version of the programme, is a dance maker who has come over from New Zealand during their summer (go figure): the amazing Sarah Foster Sproule, who's completing a duet that includes Tamsyn Russell and is gloriously fierce. Don’t miss class each day with Sarah, and the showing is on Friday 20th at 4pm. All this and more is on the website, of course. Just follow this link.

Let's welcome the New Year with 2020 vision – let's boldly go and be visionary, open and optimistic about keeping our art form fresh and let's do that for the planet as well, while we’re at it.

Happy Hogmanay, lang may yer lum reek.


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