Artistic Director's Blog, April 2019

Morag Deyes, Artistic Director

It was a Mad March – time changes, light changes, energy changes and well, let’s hear it for impermanence as we march on into April!

I was lucky indeed to experience most of the 12-hour epic that is Wallflower performed by Quarantine at the Universal Hall in Findhorn in late March. Normally it’s a mere five hours, but this was the first 12-hour marathon.

What an amazing collection of honest, skilled, unpretentious people: Charlie Morrisey, Jo Fong, Simone Kenyon, Karl Jay-Lewin, James Monaghan and Kate Daley with two genius laptop music searchers on the case all the time and live.

I am recommending this show to anyone and everyone because it’s about anyone and everyone and is one of the most humanitarian works I have experienced for a long time. It’s still with me days later and will continue to permeate.

Makes me want to share Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto, found here on the MoMA website.

But yes to Rise, which is the next festival on our Scottish dance calendar and as it happens, also at Findhorn. See

And yes to swinging by to our house in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket to see showings by Rosalind Masson, and by new Associate Artist Bridie Gane over the next couple of Fridays. And of course, free class with all of the above would be wonderful. So that’s what we are offering. Free class with great makers.

Lastly, our beloved artistic patron Mark Morris is in town with Pepperland. Check it out here and do go – it’s a total joy.

We hope you will enjoy the show

Morag Deyes MBE
Artistic Director


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