All Thoughts Welcome: Acknowledgement

All Thoughts Welcome

The Dance Base senior management team would like to thank all of the respondents to the All Thoughts Welcome feedback initiative for the invaluable information we have received.

We would also like to thank Professor Purcell for the considerable time, effort and care he put into meeting with the respondents and collating the feedback, while maintaining the anonymity of all who participated in the process.

We wish to acknowledge that we have heard what has been said, and that certain themes are emerging clearly:

  • ·         Transparency
  • ·         Accountability
  • ·         Representation
  • ·         Documentation
  • ·         Evaluation

This feedback will contribute to an ongoing process of exploring, evaluating and updating our practice, as we draw up new plans for the Professional Programme to feed into our next business plan, starting from 2021, under the oversight of a new Chief Executive (to be announced shortly). This process will also feed into the long-term vision of the organisation, as we refine and redefine some of our core initiatives for artists.

The five areas identified above will be kept in view as essential practice in the planning of new initiatives aimed toward professional dance artists. This is the start of a process of evaluating the programme and introducing change, and we will be moving forward with these goals in mind, but in the months ahead you can expect to see:

·         Proposals for new initiatives, with clearly stated aims and transparent processes for selection. Those proposals will be announced with an invitation for feedback, both written and in-person. These proposals and invitations for feedback will be collated under an ongoing banner of All Thoughts Welcome. Call outs in brochures, web pages, posters and social media posts will be tagged accordingly.

  • ·         A greater emphasis on artist-curated events, building on the successes of recent platforms, but with more clearly defined ambitions and selection criteria.
  • ·         Consistent representation of artists on selection panels, especially POC artists, disabled artists, and LGBTQIA artists. Panellists will be paid appropriately for their input to these processes and will be supported throughout their involvement, so that their input carries weight and critique is taken seriously.

It should be emphasised that these are broad commitments at this stage because this is the initial response to the All Thoughts Welcome process. We will also be updating our definitions of existing projects to ensure that we are as clear as possible with the current status of project, as well as the programming rationales behind them, and the means of accessing them now and in the future.

If you have any comments or questions about the All Thoughts Welcome process, please contact John Lyndon, Head of Marketing & Communications:

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