All Thoughts Welcome

All Thoughts Welcome

Dance Base operates under a vision of support for new, emerging and established dance artists across a range of styles. The remit and ambition of Dance Base’s programme of support for artists is challenging and rewarding. With that in mind, the professional team at Dance Base would like to create an opportunity to better understand the needs and wants of the professional dance community in Scotland, in the hope of meeting those needs and wants even more effectively.

Dance Base has invited Professor Steve Purcell to act as an outside advisor, and to spend two days in residence in Edinburgh, where he will be available to meet face to face with members of the dance community and hear their thoughts on the Dance Base professional programme and the work of Catalyst. He will also be available for phonecalls, Skype calls, and to receive feedback via email.

Members of the professional community are invited to take this opportunity to give detailed and specific feedback to the organisation and to help shape the next steps it takes in evolving its support to artists.


On Tuesday 21 January and Wednesday 22 January, the external advisor will be available to meet or speak with you individually in 45-minute timeslots across the two days. From 17.00 – 19.00 on the first day, he will be available to meet with small groups for an informal exchange of ideas. You are welcome to book in for either the individual timeslots or the group discussion, depending on your preference. Individuals/groups who prefer to send their feedback electronically can do so by sending their observations to:

The observations and comments made during the sessions and received via email, will be compiled into a short report and presented to the senior leadership team of Dance Base. The information will be treated anonymously, and Dance Base staff will not be given any information that identifies individuals or ties them to specific comments. The external advisor will only ask for broad information about those who engage with this process, along the themes of demographics and career background. This information will be collated by the advisor and will not be shared with Dance Base staff on any individual or identifiable basis.

To book an appointment, please email by 17.00 on Friday 17 January, and specify whether you would like a phone or Skype call, or a one-to-one in-person appointment. Email feedback can be sent directly to at any time up to 17.00 on Wednesday 22 January.

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