Two dancers reaching their hands out to one another during a Dance for Parkinson's class.

Dance Base receives support to continue Dance for Parkinson’s

Nicola Kenny

12-month grant supports Dance for Parkinson’s classes to continue at Dance Base, plus help to start new classes elsewhere in Scotland 

In Wednesday’s weekly Dance for Parkinson’s class at Dance Base this week, one dancer commented “aren’t we lucky to get to be here together, dancing.” And the dancers are lucky – because thanks to significant funding support from Scottish Power Foundation, these classes are guaranteed to continue for another year.  

Dance Base was selected as one of only 19 charities across the UK to receive funding from the energy company’s charitable foundation. The funding, awarded earlier this spring, secures Dance Base’s Dance for Parkinson’s programme until March 2023. Alongside continuing with our weekly classes in Edinburgh, this funding allows us to continue to offer training and support to other Dance for Parkinson’s classes across Scotland. This year’s funded project will also see Dance Base helping to set up new classes in other places in Scotland. 

About Dance for Parkinson’s 

Dance for Parkinson’s classes are dance and movement sessions specifically designed for people living with Parkinson’s, their families and carers. Classes are taught by experienced dance artists, accompanied by live musicians and supported by volunteers. The classes use an inclusive approach that means all exercises are adapted for individual needs. Exercises, whether seated or standing, address motor symptoms such as gait, balance, fluidity of movement and posture. The class is an important social space for connection and community and an artistic experience that nurtures individual creativity. There is a wealth of research on the impact and benefit of dance for people living with Parkinson’s. [ref:].  

Dance for Parkinson’s classes have been taking place at Dance Base for over a decade. From 2017-2022, Dance Base and Scottish Ballet partnered together to develop and expand access to Dance for Parkinson’s classes in Scotland – thanks to that work, there are now at least 10 different Dance for Parkinson’s classes happening in locations across Scotland. The funding from ScottishPower Foundation enables Dance Base to continue this work and to support other organisations to start up classes in their local communities.  

Emma Smith, Head of Dance for Health and Wellbeing, said: “We are delighted that ScottishPower Foundation have supported our Dance for Parkinson’s programme to not only continue, but to expand to even more communities. Dance for Parkinson’s is a vital space for the Parkinson’s community – yes, it’s about physical activity, which we know is a very important part of living well with Parkinson’s, but it’s also about the social connection, the joy and the moments shared together in class. The programme has been running for over 10 years and this funding from ScottishPower Foundation could not have come at a more crucial time. We are excited by the opportunity to keep developing this work and, above all, we’re happy to be dancing together still.” 

Read more about the history of Dance for Parkinson’s at Dance Base here.

How to get involved 

The classes at Dance Base are for people living with Parkinson’s and their friends, families and carers. There is no previous dance experience required! The classes can be booked on a drop-in basis.  

If you or someone you know would like to come and try the class, or want to find out more, drop us an email or call us: | 0131 225 5525.

We’d love to dance with you! 

Dance Base will be running Dance for Parkinson’s training in the autumn. We will be announcing plans soon, please sign up to our Pro Newsletter to be the first to know. 

We’d love to hear from you 

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us: | 0131 225 5525