Professional Gyrokinesis Class with Brigid McCarthy: Tuesdays 6 – 27 April 10.00-11.00

Free for professional dance artists | Livestream Drop-in

Level: Online Pro Drop-in 60mins Online Drop-in 60min Instructor: Brigid McCarthy

Dance Base is delighted to be offering a programme of free online weekly classes for professional dancers, focusing on technique and restoration. Each class will be delivered on Zoom and following the session the Zoom room will be open for another 30 minutes to recreate the post-class studio space and provide the opportunity for connection, conversation and a cuppa!

We are thrilled to be welcoming Brigid McCarthy to teach a weekly Gyrokinesis® class in April.

Gyrokinesis® is a unique form of exercise developed by Julio Horvath.

The principles of the technique include revitalising the body's energies by allowing three-dimensional movement to follow natural energy lines, or meridiens, to release blockages and stimulate the nervous system. Sequences of undulating exercises take the spine through all ranges of motion to free the joints and strengthen the musculature. Improved posture and alignment are all found by emphasising motion, rhythm and flow.

The class begins seated on a stool and moves to a mat.

Brigid McCarthy has been teaching Pilates in Scotland since the early 1990s and opened the Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio in 1998. Originally trained at London School of Contemporary Dance, Brigid teaches Pilates, Gyrotonic® and Scaravelli-inspired yoga. She has been training Pilates teachers since 1998 and currently over 100 teachers have been trained through her school. She continues to work in theatre and dance as director/dramaturg/movement specialist and regularly mentors young choreographers.

Please note that this class will be taught at a professional level and is therefore only suitable for professional dance artists. We have a range of public classes on offer which provide teaching at a beginner and intermediate level – please see here for further details.


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