Out of Class 22 Aug 17.00-19.00

£8 (£6)

Level: Professional Workshop Workshops Instructor: Christine Devaney

Image: Ian Cameron

Two Hour Session 22 Aug 17.00-19.00

15.00-19.00 | £10 (£8)

|For those who wish to attend the full four hours, with the option to leave and return after 17.00 15.00-17.00 OR 17.00-19.00 | £8 (£6) | For those who wish to attend a shorter session. Those attending the later session will be responsible for their own warm up.

Out of Class, is an open space for improvisation. These sessions are facilitated by Christine Devaney (Artistic Director of Curious Seed). Musician, Luke Sutherland will play live, along with invited guests. Beginning with a physical warm up to bring us together in listening, awareness and playfulness, leading into guided improvisations with movement, drawing and writing.


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22/08/2017 - (17:00 - )Book

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