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Fundamental Pilates - Course

Fundamental Pilates

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About the Class

Tuesdays 10 Sept - 03 Dec|  18:15 - 19:15
£130 (£115)

This course is also available to book as a Drop-In

A simple challenging class to learn and then build on the fundamentals of Pilates. This class is open to everyone. Great for beginners, those recovering from injuries, those coming back to movement after a break as well as anyone looking to keep on top of technique and form.
Teacher: Amy Robertson

Meet the Teachers

Amy Robertson

Amy is a Dance Artist based in Edinburgh specialising in ballet and Pilates.

Born in Aberdeen, she originally studied her first love mechanical engineering at Aberdeen University but found she preferred to move her own body instead of machines.

After graduating from London Studio Centre on a Leverhulme scholarship, she worked on creative projects in London before her love of Scotland brought her back to the capital.

She joined the Dance Base DEBS scheme and has gone on to work globally as a contemporary dancer and actor on stage and screen.

Since then she has found the space where her love of dance and physics collide, training as a Pilates matwork instructor with the Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio.

Amy enjoys encouraging people to move and seeing how revitalised they are after an hour of it.

How to prepare

Pilates is very movement based, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing.

Please bring your own yoga mat with you if you have one. If not – don’t worry! We have some you can borrow.

Join us in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket for this class!

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