Dance 'n' Play - Online Class: Mon 25 May @ 12.00

FREE | Virtual Livestream Class for Toddlers

Level: Online Drop-in 60min Online Class Instructor: Christina Liddell

Using uplifting songs, colourful props and play, young dancers will have a wonderful opportunity to move and express themselves freely in this fun and energetic class. Giving parents and children the opportunity to move together, this session will bring both of you a lot of joy, as you find creative ways of interacting with one another.

A section of each class, we will be dancing with a prop. The props will rotate, depending on which day you attend each week. Feel free to be spontaneous with what you use, using things that are already in your home. If you have some time before a class, why not even have fun by making the prop you would like to dance with? Christina looks forward to seeing some of your wonderful creations during the sessions!

Monday: Fans
Tuesday: Small beanbags
Wednesday: Scarves
Thursday: Ribbon
Friday: Shaker or Musical Instrument

There will always be an opportunity to use bubbles, one of Christina's favourite things to dance with!

Child protection statement
Dance Base are committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults and we aim to make our online classes safe spaces for everyone to enjoy. With that in mind, we wanted to let you know how we are keeping children and young people safe in our virtual Dance and Play class:
• We keep the links to our classes private. Only participants who have booked through our website will be sent this information.
• Every class has a member of staff from Dance Base moderating.
• We ask that all of the grown-ups supervise and attend the class with their young dancer.
• When you begin the class and for check-in please have your camera on. After check in with the teacher you can choose if you would like to have your camera on or off for the remainder of class.

Before the class:
• Classes are currently free to book, as part of our free pilot programme of online classes, building toward a more extensive programme.
• Bookings for online classes close 30mins before the start time of the class, please sign up in good time.
• We have a limited number of spaces in each class, so please email if you change your mind or are unable to attend your class, this will allow someone else to access the class in your space.
• Classes will be streamed on Zoom. Please make sure you can access, and download the app if you can.
• You will be sent the link to your class approximately 20 mins before the start time of the class. Please contact if you haven’t received your link (and it’s definitely not in your junk folder!)
• You will need to sign in to Zoom with an email address to access the link
• You can access the link up to 15 minutes before the class start time (this gives you time to get all your tech sorted and get settled in your home studio!)

Using Zoom:
• Please make sure you Zoom user name reflects the account name you have used to sign up to the class (on Mindbody) so that we are able to sign you in to the class. You can check and update your Zoom name as soon as you are accepted into the class. (If you are not happy to use your name on Zoom you can send Dance Base a message in the chat box to let us know who you are!
• At the start of the class you will be invited to speak to the teacher and Dance Base will unmute your microphone - when the dancing starts Dance Base will ensure your mic is muted again for the rest of the class.
• Please do not record the class in any way.
• Dance Base is the ‘host’ for each Zoom call, not the teacher. There will be someone from Dance Base moderating in every class and they will be very happy to help you with any technical questions or problems. Please use the chat function to ‘contact the host’.
• If you would like to ask any questions about the class, you can type them in the chat box at the side of the video call. Your teacher will try to look at these when they can, and they will tell you how and when they plan to answer questions within the class.
• If you ask a tech question in the chat box Dance Base will reply to you directly so as not to disturb the rest of the class.

In the class:
• Make sure you have enough clear space around you so that you can reach out with your arms and legs in all directions without touching anything.
• Please take responsibility for your own and your young dancer's safety.
• We will send you a short feedback form after your class and we would really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and experiences. We’re all still learning and adapting to this new way of working!


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