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Authentic Argentine Tango

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About the Class

Saturdays 14 Sept-7 Dec 15:30-17:00
£185 (£165) 

This class is also available as a drop in

This fun and social class will give you everything you need to begin and develop your endlessly fascinating Tango journey with a solid foundation.

Tango is a deliciously poetic system, connecting music, leader and follower, enabling magical dances to emerge in the moment, with established partners and strangers alike. All making Tango an intoxicating and enduring social dance with an ever-growing community across the globe. It equips you to enjoy dancing anywhere and with anyone, with confidence and panache. And there’s a wide choice of social dance events to keep you on your toes.

These sessions are Tango made easy. The first hour will give you all the commonly repeated simple basic moves and techniques, knitted into a plethora of wonderful phrases. Followed by Practica or practice time to apply them to improvised dancing, where you get to develop your own style within the dance, making the next step into social dancing seamless. Perfect for beginners, this class also caters for those wanting to revisit the basics or role swap.

As Bobby Brazier of Strictly Come Dancing 2023 fame states, “if there’s anything to get in your locker it’s a relationship with God or the Argentine tango….. if you’ve got that in your locker, powerful!!”

Warning: Tango can be highly addictive!

Please note: you do not have to book with a partner for this class and if booking on your own will be coupled up by the teacher – you may not be dancing with the same person/people every week. If you do book with a partner, please be aware there may be some partner swapping within the session and you may not be dancing together the whole time. All prices shown are per person, so both individuals in a pair will need to book a space. If you are booking for both of you, please provide the full name of your partner by selecting that you are booking “for somebody else” when booking their space.

Teacher: Ani Tchakmakdjian & Niall Menzies as co-teacher

Meet the Teachers

Ani Tchakmakdjian

Ani is a dance artist and teacher of almost 40 years experience, who's worked with a plethora of inspiring artists and communities. From Principle Dancer/Assistant Choreographer for Kevan Allen, fringe theatre to pop videos, to freelance choreographic commissions from the Millennium Dome to Opera. Her own Elbow Room Dance Company toured UK theatres and showed video work, culminating in a Tango Fusion project in 2010. She's been passionately involved in Tango ever since, leading classes in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, running Immersion events and performing.
Authentic Argentine Tango is a deliciously poetic system enabling magical dances to emerge in the moment. With welcoming Tango communities in almost any city across the globe, with which to dance/Milonga the night away. And it all starts here with this fun, supportive and social class that will give you everything you need to begin your endlessly fascinating Tango journey with ease, brush up on your know how or role swap and get you out dancing with confidence in no time.

WARNING Tango can be highly addictive!

How to prepare

There are important notes in preparing to practice Authentic Argentine Tango.

Wear comfortable clothing and either a flat-soled dress shoe or shoes with a low heel.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you!

As we move into the colder months of our changeable Scottish weather, please wear layers to the class to keep sufficiently warm during, as we are still continuing to ensure ventilation in our studios.


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