Online Classes - Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement

Safeguarding and Child protection statement

Dance Base are committed to the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults and we aim to make our online classes safe spaces for everyone to enjoy. With that in mind, we wanted to let you know how we are keeping everyone safe in our online dance classes:


  • We keep the links to our classes private. Only participants who have booked through our website will be sent this information.
  • We use all possible safety and security measures available on Zoom, including password protection and waiting room functions.
  • Each class will have two members of staff present: one to moderate, and one teaching the class.
  • In our classes for young children, adults must supervise their children at all times.

  • In our inclusive classes, assistants, carers and family members are welcome and encouraged to support.

  • You can choose if you would like to have your camera on. By choosing to turn your camera on, you are consenting to the teacher and the other participants seeing your video. In our drop-in classes for children, cameras must be on at the start of the class to verify your identity and to greet the teacher.
  • Young people under the age of 18 must complete and return a consent form signed by a parent or guardian before taking part in our online courses.
  • A Digital Code of Conduct will be sent to participants in youth classes, detailing a clear set of rules for engaging with Dance Base through digital platforms. Any participants found to be breaking these rules will be removed by the Dance Base moderator.
  • Participants will be provided with guidelines for maintaining personal safety, preparing a safe dance space, warming up, and cooling down.
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