How to join our online drop-in classes


Dance Base Online Drop-In Class Information for Participants

Before the class: 
• Our drop-in classes can be booked online up to 24 hours in advance. (Please note that our telephone lines are currently unavailable).  
• Bookings close 30 minutes before the class commences, please sign up in good time. 
• We have a limited number of spaces in each class, so please email if you are no longer able to attend. 
• Classes will be streamed on Zoom. Please make sure you can access the most up to date version of and download the app if you can. 
• You will be sent the Zoom link approximately 20 minutes before the class commences. Please contact if you haven’t received your link (and it’s definitely not in your junk folder!) 
• You don't need to sign into your Zoom account before accessing the link. 
• You can access the link up to 15 minutes before the class start time (this gives you time to get all your tech sorted and get settled in your home studio!) 
Using Zoom: 
• When you join the class, please keep your camera on if you’re happy to. This allows the teacher to give you feedback and encouragement and feel the energy of the class!   
• Please keep your microphones muted during the class.  
• To help us with registration, please make sure your Zoom username reflects the account name you have used to sign up to the class. You can check and update your Zoom name as soon as you are accepted into the class. (If you are not happy to use your name on Zoom you can send Dance Base a message in the chat box to let us know who you are!) 
• Please do not record the class in any way. 
• Dance Base is the ‘host’ for each Zoom call, not the teacher. There will be someone from Dance Base moderating in every class and they will be very happy to help you with any technical questions or problems. Please use the chat function to ‘contact the host’. 
• If you would like to ask any questions about the class, you can type them in the chat box at the side of the video call. Your teacher will try to look at these when they can, and they will tell you how and when they plan to answer questions within the class. 
• If you ask a tech question in the chat box Dance Base will reply to you directly so as not to disturb the rest of the class. 
In the class: 
• Make sure you have enough clear space around you so that you can reach out with your arms and legs in all directions without touching anything. 
• Wear comfortable clothing. 
• For your ballet class, you will need something to use for a barre. This could be your kitchen worktop or a windowsill. If you are using the back of a chair, make sure that it is sturdy and heavy enough that it will not move when you put pressure on it. 
• For Ballet classes, if you are dancing on a carpet, please wear socks or soft dance shoes. If you are dancing on a smooth surface like tiles or wood, you can have bare feet, socks, or soft dance shoes. 
• For Street Dance or Retro classes please wear trainers. 
• Please take responsibility for your own safety and do what feels good for your own body. 
• We will send you a short feedback form after your class and we would really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and experiences. We’re all still learning and adapting to this new way of working! 

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