Simone Kenyon & Christine Quoiraud | Recording available

Catalytic Conversation: Simone Kenyon & Christine Quoiraud


Simone Kenyon & Christine Quoiraud | Live Conversation with Q&A

14.00 - 15.30 | Tuesday 13 July 2021 

BSL interpretation and full closed captions will be added to this video shortly.

Christine Quoiraud and Simone Kenyon met around 10 years ago through their work and interest in Body Weather and walking practices. This conversation is an opportunity for both artists to reconnect after a few years of not meeting in person, to continue their slow and ongoing conversation around Body Weather and place related arts practices. 

Body Weather emerged in Japan in 1978 as dance artist Min Tanaka was interrogating dance, environment and ‘body as a force of nature: omni-centred, anti- hierarchic, and acutely sensitive to external stimuli.’ (Fuller, Z. 2014, p197.) 

The Body Weather laboratory started in 1980 in Tokyo and this work  germinated throughout the world through a growing community of practitioners. 

Both artists have different experiences with Body Weather. Christine was one of the original members working with Min Tanaka and Simone follows as the next generation of practitioners that never had the opportunity of making it to Japan. Simone’s understanding and experience of this work relied upon the teachings of artists including Christine, their individual forms of translation and relational understanding to Body Weather approaches.  

Christine and Simone will delve into the practice and political potentials of Body Weather; often described as a non discipline for performer, individuals, the collective and the social. They both come with a questioning and active feminist positioning in viewing the work, as they continue to discuss  their relationship to Body Weather practice and ecological perspectives through various lenses. They will lightly move around the myriad of ways they relate to the practice and the political and ecological perspectives this research offers more widely through the context of their own art making. 

Reference. Fuller, Zack. "Seeds of an anti-hierarchic ideal: summer training at Body Weather Farm." Theatre, Dance and Performance Training 5, no. 2 (2014): 197-203. 


The Catalytic Conversations programme invites two dance artists to join in conversation to explore their practice, their experience and anything else they would like to discuss together, and opens the doors for us to listen in. Dance Base has a long standing commitment to embracing international exchange and while one of the artsits will be based in Scotland the other will be based outside of the UK. All conversations will be hosted online and run for 60 minutes with space for 30 minutes of questions from the audience. We look forward to welcoming you along!


Artist Bios:

Simone Kenyon is an Edinburgh based artist, performer, Feldenkrais practitioner and academic. For the past 20 years she has worked across theatre, performance and dance that embraces the complex interrelationships of movement, people and place. 
Her approach and practice works with ideas of expanded choreographies; encompassing dance, ecology, cultural geographies and walking arts to create  events for both urban and rural contexts. Working with modes of attention, embodied knowledge and somatic sensitivity to frame audience experiences, is a key aspect within this multi lensed approach to performance making.  

Her recent project Into the Mountain explored over 6 years the physical, cultural, social and more-than-human entanglements to mountainous environments. With a year- long programme of curated events, workshops and culminating in a site related  performance experience within the Cairngorms Mountains in North East Scotland. She is currently developing a new body of work that centres around the haptic experience of drystone dyke construction and conversation building. 


Christine Quoiraud studied contemporary dance and then trained from 1981 with Min Tanaka. In 1985, she became a member of his company, Maï- Juku Dance Co, the farmer dancers, at the "Hakushu Body Weather Farm", in Japan. In 1990, she returned to France to develop her practice and teaching based on “body weather” or “Body Weather Laboratory”. She set up “Body / Landscape” projects (1995-1999) for in-situ research. She develops her own creative work and implements the “Marche et Danse/Walk and Dance” projects (2000-2007) thanks to the Villa Médicis Hors les Murs(1999). 

In addition, Christine Quoiraud has been an educator for the movement in Body Mind Centering® since 2016. Her compulsary writings based on her archives are available at the Pantin's CND online media library under the title Dive in, in fine”. 

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