Caroline Bowditch & Luke Pell | Recording available

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In Bed With Bowditch & Pell | Live Conversation with Q&A

09.30 - 11.00 | 19 March 2021

An online encounter at breakfast/bedtime where Bowditch & Pell intend to talk about touch, being enough and leading with love.

This event will have BSL interpretation throughout. 


A number of readings and resources were mentioned during the conversation.  These have been captured in the following list if you would like to explore the topics explored in more detail:

Cultural Safety: Contemporary Art from New Zealand | In New Zealand in 1996 a group of artists presented a exhibition titles 'Cultural Safety', a 'term borrowed from New Zealand healthcare, where it acknowledges a crucial cultural dimension in the treatment of Māori patients.

Dr Tristram Ingham | Creator of the 'bubble' concept in New Zealand

As A Disabled Person, Embracing ‘Crip Time’ Helped Me Define My Own “Normal” by Javed Abidi Foundation

We Shall Not Be Removed

Ableism 101: What it is, what it looks like, and what we can do to to fix it by Ashley Eisenmenger

how the minor moves us: across thresholds, socialities, and techniques A Conversation with Erin Manning by Halbe Kuipers

Leaving Evidence by Mia Mingus

  • "We must leave evidence. Evidence that we were here, that we existed, that we survived and loved and ached. Evidence of the wholeness we never felt and the immense sense of fullness we gave to each other. Evidence of who we were, who we thought we were, who we never should have been. Evidence for each other that there are other ways to live--past survival; past isolation." Mia Mingus

I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much a TED Talk by Stella Young

Breeders by La Mama Theatre


The Catalytic Conversations programme invites two dance artists to join in conversation to explore their practice, their experience and anything else they would like to discuss together, and opens the doors for us to listen in. Dance Base has a long standing commitment to embracing international exchange and while one of the artsits will be based in Scotland the other will be based outside of the UK. All conversations will be hosted online and run for 60 minutes with space for 30 minutes of questions from the audience. We look forward to welcoming you along!


Artist Bios:

Luke Pell 

Fascinated by detail, nuances of time, texture, memory and landscape Luke Pell is an artist based in Scotland who makes work across forms, through conversation with people and place, imagining alternative contexts for performance, participation and discourse that might reveal wisdoms for living.
A maker, curator and dramaturg Luke collaborates regularly with other artists and organisations including : Birds of Paradise, Caroline Bowditch, Claire Cunningham, Imaginate, I'm With You, Oasissy, Kate Marsh and Metal, Janice Parker, fellow Associate Artists Claricia Parinussa and Farah Saleh and with Lucy Cash through their ongoing collaborative inquiry Phos'. Luke is also Associate Artist with Fevered Sleep.
Caroline Bowditch 
After 16 years living and working in the UK, Caroline returned to Australia in July 2018 to take up the role as Chief Executive Officer at Arts Access Victoria. She is best known as a performer, maker, teacher, speaker and mosquito buzzing in the ears of the arts industry in the UK and further afield. Caroline is a regular consultant on access and inclusion internationally, and has also led international residencies in Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. She is regularly invited to mentor local, national and international artists at all levels of their artistic development. With the support of the Australia Council for the Arts, Caroline took part in the prestigious CEO Leadership course at Harvard Business School in 2019-2020.

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