Aniela Piasecka & Jonathan Matahi Lefevre | Recording available

Conversation : Aniela Piasecka & Jonathan  Matahi Lefevre


Aniela Piasecka & Jonathan  Matahi Lefevre | Live Conversation with Q&A

11:30 | 25 February 2021 

Aniela and Jonathan discussed what fascia is, its role in the facilitation or limitation of movement, and why it might be interesting for dance practitioners to understand it more deeply. The talk proposed suggestions for a more holistic understanding of the body taking into account biomedical anatomy, the healing practices of osteopathy and Jonathan's training in medicinal practices from the Global South alongside Aniela's lived experiences of chronic illness.

A fully captioned recording of the event will be available shortly.

A number of readings and resources were mentioned during the conversation. Aniela and Jonathan have provided the following list if you would like to explore the topics explored in more detail:


Podcast on pain with David Butler, physiotherapist and researcher


BBC documentary, Heart Vs Mind: What Makes Us Human?


Eula Biss, The Pain Scale excerpts

Ajahn Brahm, Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond (Happiness Through Meditation)

Bethany Brookshire, What is the vagus?

Tina Campt, on the concept of 'hapticity'

S.L. Dischiavia,b,⁎, A.A. Wrighta, E.J. Hegedusa, C.M. Bleakleya,b “Biotensegrity and myofascial chains: A global approach to an integrated kinetic chain”

Johanna Hedva, Sick Woman Theory

Samantha Frost, Biocultural Creatures

Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains. Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists

Stanley Keleman, Emotional Anatomy

Agnese Reginaldo, Losing Touch

Robert Schleip, Fascia As A Sensory Organ

Louis Schultz, Rosemary Feitis, The Endless Web

Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin, Necroaesthetics, denaturalising the collection

Luigi Stecco, Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain

Randal Swanson, Biotensegrity

Visuddhimagga, The Path of Purification 

Michael Walkden, The soul in the stomach

Sociology Stuff - on Health


The Catalytic Conversations programme invites two dance artists to join in conversation to explore their practice, their experience and anything else they would like to discuss together, and opens the doors for us to listen in. Dance Base has a long standing commitment to embracing international exchange and while one of the artists will be based in Scotland the other will be based outside of the UK. All conversations will be hosted online and run for 60 minutes with space for 30 minutes of questions from the audience. We look forward to welcoming you along!


Artist Bios:

Aniela Piasecka - Dance Artist 

Aniela's work tends towards the collective; frequent collaborators include Olivia Norris, Isabel Palmstierna, and Paloma Proudfoot as STASIS, film-maker Daniel Cook, curator, artist, and DJ Francis Dosoo and musician Ailie Ormston. In both collaboration and solo research, a continuous will to explore the link between affect and space underpins the work, an ongoing curiosity regarding how different environments impact on, and are impacted by, the body. Outputs combine choreography, text, film, sound, and installation; colliding between visual art contexts (Glasgow International, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and the Irish Museum of Modern Art) and performance contexts (Dance International Glasgow, The Place). 

Alongside dance training, Aniela obtained an MA Hons from The University of Edinburgh in 2016, specialising in cultural theories, and was a participant of the Critical Pedagogies Educational Programme CAMPUS at Nottingham Contemporary from 2019-2020.  


Jonathan  Matahi Lefevre - Osteopath  

Jono was born in Tahiti and grew up with hippie parents between Polynesia, Bali, and India. After a long, formative period of traveling across Asia and studying meditative practices and Earth medicine with shamans, he eventually went into more academic training. He graduated from the Kimura Shiatsu Institute in Japan, studied biology at the University of San Diego and became an osteopath at the British School of Osteopathy. Having always had one foot in the spirit world, his work combines mind-body techniques from various native traditions and myofascial osteopathy, all of which help to release blockages found within vibratory fields. When not working in his private practice or surfing, he also teaches various bodywork seminars along with anatomy and philosophical aspects of Yoga. 


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