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Image: Jack Webb & Rosalind Masson in Quartet

Nurturing and producing the work of independent contemporary dance artists and companies in Scotland.

Set up as part of Dance Base as a pilot project, Catalyst Dance Management has been developed into a unique resource for the professional dance community in Scotland, contributing vital skills to smaller companies and emergent and established artists who cannot afford full-time administrators, producers or company managers. The Catalyst project lies at the core of Dance Base’s work with professional dance artists, allowing us not only to help companies create new work, but also to make the sector financially strong, confident and artistically compelling.
We do this by working with independent artists and small companies to provide an infrastructure which supports the development of their work, supporting individual practice. We offer experience and expertise in project development / management, producing and touring and help artists to access funding and other types of support to realise their projects. Other aspects of our work for artists can include:
• building networks and seeking creative partnerships
• advice on budgeting and financial issues
• assistance with negotiations between venues, companies and co-producers
• advice on company management, contractual issues and setting up administrative systems
• international working
• creative and strategic planning
We choose every artist, company or project we produce carefully and we work strategically with artists over a longer period of time, contributing to the ongoing development of their work and vision and encouraging trusting relationships to be formed into lasting partnerships. Catalyst seeks to champion and support the development of artists with a flexible and open approach - offering a supportive environment where the conditions are responsive to the needs of the artist.
By working closely with companies, producing and presenting partners and funders, Catalyst offers an integrated support structure which seeks to match work with audiences and to develop existing and new audiences for dance and Scottish choreographic output. Catalyst aims to help artists and companies identify the wider impact and context of their work and practice and encourage the diffusion of dance work made in Scotland locally, nationally and internationally.

Artist Support
We continue to offer advice and consultancy whenever possible for dance artists working professionally. If you want to share your ideas and creative plans or to discuss any funding application that you may be considering, we can provide advice on the development of your work.
We piloted our Navigate programme in 2014, and for 2015 /16 we are shaping a programme of ongoing consultancy support to selected artists who we recognise are at a pivotal point in their practice and who are ready to take the next step into producing their own work.

Provision for artists through Catalyst and Dance Base is ongoing. If you are looking for support of any kind at this time, please contact us, using the contact form at the link below, and we will be able to direct your query.

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