Martyn Garside

Martyn Garside 2

Martyn was born in Yorkshire where he lived until the age of 11 before spending the next 8 years studying at The Royal Ballet School in London. Upon graduation, he was offered a contract with the San Francisco Ballet where he remained for seven years, dancing works by classical and modern masters including Mark Morris, William Forsythe and George Balanchine.

During this time, he realised classical ballet was not satisfying him artistically and so he looked for more contemporary dance and found himself back in the UK and Europe where he gained more experience, working with choreographers such as Georg Reischl, Hiroaki Umeda, Shang-chi Sun, Jack Webb and guesting with companies Goteborg Dance Company and Danish Dance Theatre amongst others. 

Leaving established company life behind, he is finding his way as an independent artist creating his dance solo amok for the Edinburgh Fringe and showing his performance installation transcribe at Glasgow’s own Buzzcut and more recently creating work in the studio with the newly formed Greyhound Cooperative. 

As an Associate Artist for Dance Base, he feels curious and is looking forward to the opportunity he gets to explore making new work and movement. 

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