Join us on 31 July for #CAITLINDAY

We are approaching the dates where we bring CAITLIN by Light, Ladd & Emberton back to life for previews at Chapter and a run at the Edinburgh Fringe (see And as a result I was very mindful this year of how it felt to see #DylanDay come and go in May.

Caitlin was a dancer with ambition, talent and more (as well as her frailties and problems), and yet she's next-to-never talked about alongside Dylan himself; one of those women who's massively overshadowed by their giants of men.

Friday 31 July is the date of Caitlin's death and we are proposing to use social media and blogs (and press/media if we can harness it) to mark #CaitlinDay.

#CaitlinDay will celebrate women in the arts who've been in the shadow of their partners - playing second fiddle to them perhaps because of family commitments; women who've been largely ignored, almost famous or never quite reaching their full potential in their field.

We can all name a few famous ones - Sylvia Plath, Courtney Love, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Miller - but it could equally be a member of your family, a colleague, a mentor or a neighbour.

We will blog a piece about the back story to the campaign which will be hosted on Dance Base's website. And here's a sample tweet to show how it could work on 31 July: I'm championing artist, writer & teacher Elaine de Kooning for #CaitlinDay. You've heard of her husband Willem no doubt ...

Could you support our campaign on the date by using #CaitlinDay on social media to highlight a woman in the arts? We'd also welcome any links to other blog posts or web articles too that can be shared on social media.

For it to be effective we would need quite a few people - your good selves included we hope! - to tweet and Facebook (if possible, in a personal and organisational capacity) throughout the morning and link to our back story blog piece to inspire others to do the same.
Sat 11 July, is the date that Caitlin and Dylan got married.

Please let us know if you've got any questions or ideas, and if you're interested in joining this and helping us to promote it.

Laura Drane
Producer, CAITLIN for Light, Ladd & Emberton

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