Laura Bradshaw (Scrimshaw Projects) | Holding/Carrying

Laura Bradshaw

25 - 29 October

Laura Bradshaw (Scrimshaw Projects) | Holding/Carrying - Reflections on a residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop

In the summer of this year we undertook a 4 week residency called Caregivers supported by Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) in partnership with Counterflows. This residency involved Laura Bradshaw, Murray Wason and our two children Rowan and Jude. We explored ideas of interdependence and care in relationship to disability. The themes that emerged from this period of research included - adjustment, adaptation, holding, carrying, care and control.

We documented our research through time-lapse film, writing, still image and object making. This Dance Base residency will allow us to review the documentation and begin to develop our findings into a new choreographic practice. We will continue to explore the emergent themes listed above through improvisation, creating scores, discussion and responding to the objects made at SSW. We will document this process through multiple modes.

Laura Bradshaw

Murray Wason

Rowan Bradshaw-Wason

Jude Bradshaw-Wason


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We invite you to join us in an open studio afternoon on Thursday 28th October 14:00-15:50. We will informally share some of our research and offer small invitations for you to engage with. During the afternoon we will be available in the studio to chat about the evolving process.

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