Martyn Garside

Martyn Garside 2

Associate Artist 2017 - 2019

Martyn is a movement based artist living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Born and raised in Yorkshire he went on to study at the Royal Ballet School, London, this led to work in the USA, UK and Europe as a dancer with classical and contemporary dance companies as well as freelance dance artist based projects.

He is currently an Associate Artist for Dance Base, Edinburgh and working separately in social care with various organisations in the surrounding area.
His practice is multi-disciplinary, with a focus on dance, poetry, song, installation, filmmaking and live performance.

Martyn is interested in self reflection as a way to explore ideas which relate to the human condition and our relationship to life. It is important to him that within this work there is a desire to stimulate and experience a connection between himself and audience.

Martyn also spends time collaborating and supporting other artists working in theatre, film and visual art.

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