Claricia Parinussa

Claricia Parinussa RESIDENCY 6 - 10 JANUARY

Associate Artist 2017 - January 2021

Claricia Parinussa is a Mollucan-Dutch movement researcher, artist and producer based in Scotland.
She is currently Associate Artist at Dance Base, core team of V/DA collective and works with Tramway, //BUZZCUT// and Farah Saleh as producer.

She is interested in the ways in which our bodies communicate with us, and the ways in which we communicate with each other through the body.

In beginning with our own bodies in the processes of dismantling and reconfiguring dominant structures.

In collectively re-telling stories, re-presenting images, re-imagining identities and re-centring voices.

Claricia's current research project the sky was pink explores the diasporic body through the notion of a body-schema; an ecology of living and sedimented movement languages, embodied experience and physical memory. This work has manifested through conversation, writing, performance and video since 2017.

This year Claricia will research with invited artists and mentor Lucy Suggate, towards a new Tramway-commissioned work; drawing on the proposition of a thinking body of multiple diasporas as an ecology in constant flux. 

Questions for this body form around agency in the inherent labours of navigating this multiplicity internally | externally | permeating; through holding, absorbing, carrying, resisting, fragmenting, refracting, reforming and stillness. 

And being in and from nothingness and nowhere.


Recent and current projects include: 

Spirit Compass with Lucy Suggate and collaborators, touring
odyseaa at Dance Base Fringe 2019,
and as for co-directed with Omar Phillips at Southbank Centre, London,
untitled (shim.mer) for Nick Cave: UNTIL Call & Response, Tramway,
and curation: on being still and moving at the same time (though not small dances) at Dance Base.


See Claricia's work online:

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