Our Mission, Aims & Values

What is our vision?

A Scotland where everyone has the opportunity to experience the benefits of engaging with dance.

A Scotland where dance artists are supported to achieve national and international success.

A Scotland where Dance Base is celebrated as the epicenter of all things dance.


We are on a mission to ensure all Scotland’s dance artists have opportunities to develop successful careers at home and internationally through investment and collaboration. We are on a mission to build awareness of dance and its health and wellbeing benefits, and to enable as many people as possible across Scotland to experience these. We are on a mission to attract support and resources by advocating for the dance sector to funders and policy makers.

Dance Base is on a mission to get people dancing.

Our Values


We will nurture and sustain an inclusive culture that recognises and values all elements of diversity. We will identify and remove barriers that prevent equality of access.


We will lead, support or broker collaborations, because we know it makes for better results and a stronger network of organisations.


We will speak up and stand up for what is best for dance in Scotland, because we know that change doesn’t come without risk.


We will use our resources responsibly and sustainably, demonstrating leadership in how we treat the dance sector, the people we work with and the planet that we share.

Our Aims

Build a sustainable dance ecology in Scotland that attracts and supports a wide diversity of dance artists to develop successful careers.

Develop an audience across Scotland eager to engage with a range of dance and to facilitate the supply of dance for them.

Support Scottish dance artists to connect and collaborate with their peers across the world.

Develop dance class provision that benefits participants from diverse groups and backgrounds and provides meaningful income for dance artists and Dance Base.

Promote across Scotland the use of dance to support physical and mental health and wellbeing.