Claricia Kruithof

Image: Alfred Hess

Residency 6 – 10 February
New Work
Claricia Kruithof

Claricia will use this research week to continue exploring and developing an emerging artistic practice; reflecting on a new physicality and perspective from experiences and research across diverse cultures and movement practices.

Considering the notion of the body as an archive; preserving learned and inherited movement, internalised experiences and an identity that is malleable and evolving.

She will work with improvisational movement scores drawn from imagery; exploring perception, notions of identity and representation, and the role and influence of music and sound.

Company Class Thursday 9 February 10.00-11.30

Open to all movers and those interested in working with movement. We will work with improvisational scores and explore the role and influence of music and sound.

Company Showing Friday 10 February 17.00

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